Royal Flush Triggers $208,000 at Bovada

Video poker is one of the most beloved forms of gambling known to the web and today it was revealed that yet another punter has been able to win a life altering amount of money while playing this game. The latest is Edward K. from Connecticut, he was able to trigger a win worth $208,000 while playing Joker Poker at Bovada Casino. This marks one of the most profitable wins ever seen in this casino game to date.

Bovada Casino

Edward was playing Joker Poker when he triggered a royal flush while he was using the Joker icon as a wild symbol. This allowed for the second largest profitable winning combination in the game to be triggered, this also marks the first that that this hand has ever been seen in Joker Poker, a video poker game that is relatively new to the scene. The highest paying hand in this game is the Natural Royal Flush, it’ll payout $400,000 to $500,000. Edward also made a short statement saying, “You don’t expect to win, you don’t expect for your dreams of winning big money to ever come true. I’m planning on taking a vacation down south and buying a new car, other than that I’m just happy to say I’ve reached a new tax bracket.”

Bovada is an online sportsbook, casino and poker room that services United States online gambling throughout all fifty one states. It’s a popular offshoot of the Bodog brand which is why it’s been able to reach such high levels of popularity throughout its course of operation.

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