Poker Tournaments

At FatBetPoker we offer you the two main types of tournaments:

Multi-Table-Tournaments (MTT)

Multi-Table-Tournaments start at a predestined time and have as many entrants as players register on time. As players drop out of the tournament, tables are resolved one by one until only one table is left, the Final Table. The number of players getting payed depends on the total number of entrants. Click on Info in the tournament lobby to get all the information about the payouts and the blind structure.

Sit-and-Gos (SNG)

Sit-and-Gos are basically like Multi-Table Tournaments, with the exception that they begin as soon as all seats are taken.

Poker Tournament Rules

  1. All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby.
  2. Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted.
  3. At the beginning of the tournament, the dealer button will be selected at each table by dealing 1 card up to each seat. The highest card starts the dealing. In case of a tie, the first high card gets the button.
  4. The tournament ends when one player accumulates all the chips in play. If the tournament is a satellite event, the tournament will end when all players have qualified for the target event (i.e., if the tournament awards 5 seats, the tournament will end when there are 5 players left).
  5. If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, the player with more chips at the beginning of the hand is placed higher. If players started the hands with an identical amount of chips, both players tie for that rank, and any prizes due to those players will be equally distributed between them.
  6. A tournament blind logic is used that is the same for our ring games. We do always move the button forward. We always try to ensure that no player misses his/her blinds. Thus, there are occasions where a player may hold the button twice, or where the button is in an empty seat. Since these are basically random occurrences, no player will receive any long-term advantage, and this format is necessarily fair for all players.
  7. When two players remain, the button will post the small blind, and act first on the opening round.
  8. Disconnects: By participating in a tournament, a player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection, due to the problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player’s computer. FatBetPoker does not accept any responsibility for a player disconnect except in the case of a server crash. If a player times out during a hand, whether connected or disconnected, his or her hand will be folded. If a player is not connected before a hand starts, he or she will be dealt cards, a blind or an ante will be posted. There is no rule against choosing to sit out; a player doing so will continue to have blinds and antes posted and cards dealt.
  9. Soft playing or chip dumping is grounds for disqualification from the tournament. Any unethical play may result in the termination of the offender’s account.
  10. A bet and three raises are permitted in structured limit tournaments. There is no raise cap in pot-limit and no-limit tournaments.
  11. As players are eliminated from the tournament, the software may balance tables to ensure all tables have an equal number (or as close as possible) of active players. The balancing of tables is done randomly and, although rare, may result in a player having to post several big blinds in a row. When 10 players remain in a Hold’em or Omaha tournament or eight players remain in a Seven Card Stud tournament, all players are brought together at the “final table”.
  12. Prizes will be awarded as stated on the Tournament Lobby.
  13. In the event of a server crash, the hands in progress at every table will be restored to the state before the crash. In special circumstances, when it is impossible to restart a tournament after the crash, it will be canceled and the unclaimed portion of the prize pool will be divided among all remaining players, in respect to their chip amounts.
  14. Players and “railbirds” are expected to use the chat feature in a courteous manner.
  15. Players, whether in the hand or not, may not discuss the hands until the action is complete. Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities are not allowed. A penalty may be given for discussion of hands during the play.
  16. Disconnection after registration. Registration to a MTT tournament stays valid, also when you disconnect.
  17. In case of disputes, FatBetPoker management decision will be final. The minimum number of registered players for any MTT can be checked in the tournament lobby. If the minimum number is not reached by the start of the tournament, the tournament will be canceled and any/all buy-ins will be refunded to the players’ accounts.