Omaha and Omaha H/L, being around for only 30 years roughly, are very popular variations today. Unlike Hold’em, each player is dealt four hole cards. The community board consists of five cards face up (the flop, turn and river).


To have the best five card poker hand at the showdown, using exactly two hole cards and three community cards, or make everybody else fold before it gets to the showdown. See the Hand Rankings to determine the best hand.

Dealing and Blinds

The procedures of dealing and the blinds in Omaha are just like in Texas Hold’em, but one major difference still prevails: In Omaha four hole cards dealt as opposed to just two in Hold’em.

Difference between Omaha and Omaha High/Low

In Omaha High/Low the pot is split between the best high hand and – if there is one – the best low hand. To qualify for a low hand you need five cards of different ranks not higher than 8 (A counts for 1). Different low hands are compared starting with the highest card. So, for example 8642A wins over 8732A, but loses to 85432.