Hacker Shuts Down Svenska Spel Poker Tournament

Svenska Spel, a Swedish based online casino went under an attack yesterday after a hacker took down an online poker tournament being held at this online casino. Dozens upon dozens of players were all playing at this poker tournament when their computer screens with blank, when closing the browser and then refreshing the website they couldn’t return back into the tournament. This resulted in the event being cancelled, this is the first time that something like this has ever happened at Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel

A total of 1,452 players were experiencing this tournament and hoping to win the grand cash prize when they all had a blank screen at the same time. Those who were able to return to the website after refreshing the browser later only saw that moments later they weren’t able to access the entire online casino. There isn’t any word if anyone personal information, banking information or money were stolen from this attack as of right now. We do know that Svenska Spel is working closely with intelligent agencies in Sweden.

Svenska Spel is currently available for players to experience as of right now. The attack has been repelled as of right now and intelligent agencies alongside Svenska Spel are going through every player account in order to ensure that none of their information or money has been stolen. As of right now they haven’t found anything to indicate that information or money has been stolen. This attack could of just been for fun by a group of hackers who meant no harm.

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