Full Tilt Applies to be on Steam

Amaya Gaming, the new owners of online poker firm “Full Tilt” have revealed that they’ve gone through the process of applying to place their free play software on Steam. If this was to happen then this would mark the first time that an online gambling platform would make its way to the Steam platform and it’ll surely mark the path for a future sub-industry within Steam itself.

Full Tilt Poker Logo

Steam is 95% of the time used by PC Gamers, they utilize the service due to its cheap prices and ability to change the visuals of the game itself. Moving Full Tilt over to Steam is just another move to make this platform more recreational. The argument towards this platform to a video game service provider is that gamers already pay hundreds of dollars per year on micro-transactions, Downloadable Content and the games themselves. What’s to say that a large portion of these gamers would enjoy what an online poker experience has to offer.

This could also see Full Tilt become far more popular as being on a video game service would in return mean that they could offer tournaments via video on streaming services such as Twitch & YouTube Gaming. Advertisers from all over would be coming to Amaya Gaming in hopes that they’d give them full top placement during the tournaments.

Steam is currently owners by Valve, a company known for developing some of the most infamous games in video game history. Their currently one of the few power houses in the market and could reach another stage of popularity if they were to begin working alongside the likes of Amaya Gaming.

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