Barman Steals as Much As £6,000 Per Day

The Gwbert Hotel in Cardigan is famous in the United Kingdom as it has hosted famous Hollywood Stars, Royals and the rich. Unfortunately today the hotel has gained a sour reputation as a hotel barman is facing jail after it was revealed that he was stealing more than six thousand Euro’s every night in order to play online poker.

This occurred due to the fact that Rhys Beard, now currently twenty three, became hooked on online poker after he was able to trigger a large win. Ever since then Beard has been taking money from the till when no one was noticing during the end of the night. He’d then go to his local bank machine where he’d deposit the money through the ATM.

Gwbert Hotel in Cardigan

This barman stood as an honorable employee of a high degree who was trustworthy and hard working. Unfortunately this gambling addiction has a terrible effect on this employee who would’ve continued to future at this hotel. Currently Beard is paying his employer back of all money that he stole and is looking to make amends with the company.

The full amount he stole was able to be returned within a short period of time as this barman was able to have a series of winning poker hands which allowed him to accumulate a large portion of money. There is no word as to how much jail time this employee will be receiving, we’ll inform you as to how long his incarceration is once it’s released by the crown attorney.

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